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  • Coastal/Bermuda
  • Orchard Alfalfa
  • Orchard Timothy

know your hay*

Always consult your veterinarian or other equine professional when selecting or changing hay for your horse. 

Bermuda is a less expensive alternative to Orchard or Timothy hay. This hay is best when fed with grain or supplements as part of their daily diet. Protein 8%-10% and is an excellent source of roughage for all types of livestock. Good source of Vitamin A & D and has a beneficial balance between calcium and phosphorus.
Alfalfa Orchard
Alfalfa hay is high in energy. Crude protein values can be as high as 18% and 19%. Excess protein in alfalfa is converted into energy compounds. This may not be the ideal hay for an overweight horse or easy keeper. A good source of vitamins and minerals as well as calcium and phosphorus (ratio 6:1). Cut usually five to eight times per year depending on irrigation methods. The second and third cuttings are usually the best having more stems and fewer leaves. Orchard grass is high in fiber, low in protein to support healthy digestion and will offset high protein levels of the alfalfa making it an ideal hay for athletic and working horses.
Timothy hay is one of the most popular hays fed to horses and harvested twice a year. It is high in fiber, 10% protein, a good source of copper and zinc and provides a good balance of protein and energy. A favorite within the race horse and endurance competition community.

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